36V & 48V @ 350W, 500W, 750W & 1000W

This is our Premier street vehicle concept presently in design 
It is based on use of ATV quad motorcycle components:

Electric Bicycle Kits in Phoenix


The planet will always be here...​All the diverse  species on this planet are what need saving!!

Why are we doing this? What is our primary motivation? Are we just in this for the money? What kind of entity are we in the world?

We manufacture "ERV"s
Electric Recreating Vehicles & convert existing vehicles to electric drive. We also sell Kits, so you can build your own electric vehicle!! 


Tadpole Tricycle built from bicycle components above and a Tadpole Tricycle built from motorcycle components below;

Our Semi-Recumbent Folding E-Bike above  & our Semi-Recumbent Tadpole Trike below...

Starts @ $499

We have Center Drive units, too!!.

Electric Bicycle Conversions in Phoenix

We are in this because of LOVE, LOVE of our family, all our friends, 
animals & life forms on this little wondrous Garden of Eden planet

We now have
Lithium Packs

36V-8Ah  $275!