The planet will always be here...​All the diverse  species on this planet are what need saving!!

We are in this because of LOVE, LOVE of our family, all our friends, 
animals & life forms on this little wondrous Garden of Eden planet

36V & 48V @ 350W, 500W, 750W & 1000W


Why are we doing this? What is our primary motivation? Are we just in this for the money? What kind of entity are we in the world?

Starts @ $499

We have Center Drive units, too!!.

We now have
Lithium Packs

36V-8Ah  $275!


Electric Bicycle Conversions in Phoenix

Tadpole Tricycle built from bicycle components above and a Tadpole Tricycle built from motorcycle components below;

This is our Premier street vehicle concept presently in design 
It is based on use of ATV quad motorcycle components:

Electric Bicycle Kits in Phoenix

Our Concept Demonstrator above was built as a proof of concept. Now we are progressing with  a Semi-Recumbent Folding Production E-Bike above 
Our Semi-Recumbent Tadpole Trike intended to be a viable alternative transport vehicle, with an optional "convertible" body shell enclosure.

We manufacture "ERV"s
Electric Recreating Vehicles & convert existing vehicles to electric drive. We also sell Kits, so you can build your own electric vehicle!!