Photo 23

  All kits are thoroughly       checked & the wheels     are aligned and trued.

Photo 24

This is the Electric Drive KIT as boxed and shipped from China.

Photo 27

Photo 22

Ferrari 330-P4 

Tricycle Conversion. (Several of the steps for a Tricycle are the same as above, so those photos will be referenced.)

Imagine being able to travel virtually anywhere on two Continents, from Northern Alaska or Canada all the way to the southern tip of South America...and never spend a
dime on fuel!! A fully charged battery pack will enable 500 miles of travel before needing to be recharged. Then, just fold out the two awnings, and you will have 13,500
watts of Solar Power!! (30 Solar panels of 450 watts each) The Coach has 150,000 watts (two 75kW packs) of power... so it can be recharged in one day, (about 11 hrs). 
You can also stop at a Fast Charge station at +400Volts in about 3 hours. Fast Charge Stations are being installed all across America. Many cities have over 500 recharge
stations that are 240 volts, which will recharge the coach in about 8 hours. We can convert virtually any used motorhome. Or purchase a new one without the drive train.

Photo 18

Photo 28

Photo 12

Photo 3

Photo 26

Yamaha XS1100

Ferrari builds some of the most beautiful automobiles in the world. Our associate fiberglass expert Chris Johnson (Precise Fiberglass 480-980-1531) has over thirty years experience and does the most awesome work. He has been involved in many wonderful projects, including hollywood movies!! He helped build the fictional race car "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" in the MGM movie!! He has also built a gorgeous reproduction of the Ferrari 330 P4... and now we can offer this fabulous automobile as an electric drive sports machine with full regeneration & V2H capabilities, too!! This is a build from scratch project, and you can be involved in the design & build from the start!! Expect to spend on the order of $30,000 depending on horsepower desired, speed you want it to attain, range you want it to traverse & accessories (sound, etc).

Here we are doing the Conversion of a bike to electric drive.   This is a 30 photo documentation of the entire conversion:
 This 5kW motor & 96 Volt controller with Lithium battery pack will make a great electric motorcycle at far less than a factory purchased production vehicle. I acquired two brand new
never used frames as "Rolling Chassis" from an importer who was going out of business. Call or write for exact pricing depending on battery pack to suit your needs. Approximately
$6,000. (more or less depending on battery capacity, range, that you desire). We can get a good discount on advanced flat pack modular design lithium batteries from a local supplier.
Below right you can see a BLDC electric drive motor in its position in the frame. Now we are engaged in mounting the motor face plate, the new drive sprocket & chain alignment details. 
This conversion is awaiting an adapter coupling and time availability. We are installing an 6.7" diameter electric motor which will have about the same peak torque as the gas engine
​ which we removed. We expect this watercraft to perform as well as the original, but it will be far less noisy, more enjoyable and with none of the associated 2 cycle engine maintenance
​ issues! Can you imagine fun of simply turning on the key and zooming around on the water with none of the headaches normally encountered with two cycle engines!! Just the sound of splashing water and laughter!! This Lithium battery pack will also be large enough to run your home during the day, eliminating your use of high cost On-Peak electricity!! By recharging
​ at night you can save 50% or more on your electric bill!! It will really pay for itself!! Then save you thousands of dollars a year for 8 to 10 years expected life span of the battery pack!!

Custom Dirt Bike.... (More photos of this bike in-work can be seen by clicking on the R&D tab above...& scroll down)

 This image will be replaced

 with many more photos of

 the conversion this week of

 November 7th to 11th, 2016

Photo 30

Photo 25

Here is how the bike looks with the hub motor installed....

Photo 10

All Electric Drive Converted Water Craft Jet Ski.... 

Photo 19

ELECTRIC CARS ARE SUPERIOR VEHICLES. Here's a dozen incomplete list.
1. No "Starting" the engine....just get in, push the "on" button, select D or R and away you go.
2. No warm the summer instant AC in the winter instant heat. My 2013 Ford Focus EV even has heated seats!! 
3. The car makes zero pollution, that is smarter for the air we breathe. Coal is only 30% of electricity generation in America. We also have hydroelectric dams, nuclear, Solar, Wind and cleaner natural gas fired plants....but SOLAR is the ultimate solution.
4. They are far cheaper to own and operate. A) they do not have any of those "Regular Replacement Parts" that gas cars have. Because the EVs Regenerate when coasting, which slows the car, the brake pads will even last longer. B) Electrons are about 1/10 the cost of gasoline. My EV has a small 24,000 Watt battery pack. Electricity costs $0.04 (4¢) per 1000 watts over night. So that is 24 x 4¢ = 96¢ to recharge. How far can you go on 96¢ of gasoline? My best "estimated" range budget is 155 miles... my average is the high 80's and my worst is 52 miles (driving +75mph on the freeway) Can you go 52 to 85 miles on 96¢? 
5). My EV is being paid for by the money I used to spend for gasoline. I used to spend $200 or more per month. Now that money pays for my asset rather than making some OIL WARS Billionaire Richer. 
6) My 2013 Ford Focus EV cost around $40,000 new, but I bought it with 38,000 miles & 3 years old for $11,973. That's a hell-of-a-deal!!
7) The battery is warranteed for 19 years. So far, as evidenced by the recharge level & mileage I regularly attain, the battery shows no sign of deterioration. Also, it is an actively cooled or heated (as needed) battery pack... so its operating temperature is controlled. So that will lengthen the life span. 
8) They actually have less "Embodied Energy & Pollution" in their manufacture than a gas car. WHY? Because there are only about 25 parts in the EV drive Train... less than 200 if you want to count every ball in the ball bearings. Whereas the average ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) and its necessary gear shifting Transmission have about 2000 parts..or more..especially if you count their balls in every bearing!! Clearly it is less impactful to build a product with 200 parts compared to a product with 2000 parts. The EV battery pack is comprised of thin sheets of aluminum, and copper with microscopically thin coating of Lithium and Iron Phosphate. So they are 100% recyclable and less impactful than lead & acid. 
9) The EV motor and the batteries are build below the tops of the tires....under the seats or under the all their weight is low to the ground....and more evenly weighted on the four, they handle much better than a gas car!! 
10) They have near 100% torque at the instant you step on the "go Pedal" they zip around town much nicer than a gas car, with near zero noise, no vibration, and no shifting or waiting for downshifting. They just "GO" when you push on the pedal. Plus they have electric power power steering fluid ever needed. As well as power brakes and power seats and a 10 speaker surround sound...with zero background noise to contaminate your listening pleasure. 
11) You can put Solar on your home, garage or car port to recharge your electric car, and be completely energy independent. 
12) My EV is a "First Generation" electric vehicle...2nd Generation EVs coming in 2017 & 2018 will have 200 or more miles range and 20 minute (or less) recharging. So you CAN go across country in one of them. There are already over 1,000 charging stations in the Phoenix Metro Area and more going in all the time. +400,000 Tesla Model IIIs are on order with $1,000 down each. And almost all the manufacturers worldwide are coming out with EVs...even Aston Martin, Porsche, Mercedes and other top well as VW, Fiat, and Chevy and Ford....The VW is going to have 330 miles range. So, by the time you drive 3330 miles of at least 4 hours, you will be ready to stop and use the bathroom and have a bite to eat. By the time you are finished, your EV will be recharged and ready for another stretch of your cross country trip. Oh, and hundreds of recharging spots are FREE...because who cares about 96¢ when you are coming to their store to buy "stuff"!! They offer free recharging to entice you to patronize their establishment. 
BOTTOM LINE: EVs truly are a Superior Technology.

Solar Powered, Battery Operated, 100% Self Reliant, Electric Drive, Superb MotorCoach!!  

Photo 6

This conversion is awaiting a cash infusion. We are installing an 8.0" diameter electric motor which will have  more peak torque than the VW engine which we removed, which is more than the original MGTD engine. We expect this vehicle to perform better than the original, but it will be far less noisy, more enjoyable and with none of the associated  engine maintenance issues! Can you imagine fun of simply turning on the key and zipping around with none of the headaches normally encountered with gasoline engines!! Just the sound of tires on the road and laughter!! This Sealed Lead Acid battery pack can be expanded to 110 Volts to be large enough to run your home during the day, eliminating your use of high cost On-Peak electricity!! By recharging at night you can save 50% or more on your electric bill!! It will really pay for itself!! Then save you thousands of dollars a year for 4 to 5 years, the expected life span of the battery pack!! This vehicle will cost between $15K and $20K, depending on accessories and paint options. It would certainly be a FUN electric car to own!  Expect about 60 miles range with Lead Acid Batteries.

Photo 2

Photo 9

This is the case or "box" of a failed older type of charger, which I am "re-purposing" to
be a Connections, Switch & Charger Receptacle "Box"!!  

This is the "NEXT" brand bicycle we
are going to convert to electric drive.

Photo 29

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Photo 8

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Photo 13

Photo 21

Photo 14

Photo 1

1950's Era MGTD-VW-EV 

Photo 15

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