The quadricycle above & below was classified as a "pedomotive carriage". It was produced in about 1850 by the J. Ward Carriage company in London, England. Propulsion was achieved by anchoring your feet to the shoe boards, strapping in and applying a skiing motion of the legs to the wooden rails, which then turned the rear cranks. You could say this was an early application of low joint impact ergonomic mobility!! Note the wood rails are attached to the large rear cranks by leather straps. This quad was built very "spindly" to keep weight down, but I bet its still heavy! This rare example was recently sold at auction in New York for around $30K.

These are Bicycle Quadracycles from about the 1920's, judging from the style of clothing and mechanical components. With this last example being enclosed in a body shell.


History of Quadracycles

Our intention is to build a modern EV Quad

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Here's a short pictorial history of quadracycles from the past: 



Feet Forward vehicles

Feet Forward vehicles have a long and colorful history, dating back to the earliest days of the motorized bicycle and encompassing many manufacturers and the fastest racing vehicles.

Here is a short photographic history of a few, but by no means all, of the feet forward bikes: