​Our New Design
Feet Fwd Bicycle:

Our New Design
Tadpole Tricycle:

Electric Drive KITs: 

Lithium Packs are 72% lighter vs SLA

Our concept for a lightweight Body Shell for our Tricycles: 

Sealed Lead Acid = SLA

3 lbs

10 oz.

The Welding Fixture for Tadpole Tricycles

This will be a "Convertible Shell", which can be easily and quickly 
​removed for sunny open air enjoyment or installed for rain or comfort.  

We now have

Lithium Packs

36 volts 8Ah  at $275!!

Electric Drive Collapsible Bicycle... we have only eight of these new in their boxes, & this one demonstrator unit. $995 on-line, we are offering these for $595 on Special Offer.  

These are a couple of the bicycles we are going to be converting to electric drive, but we are moving towards ERV's built with motorcycle parts, as shown further below.

We bought the full warehouse

inventory of a U.S.A. National

E-Bike KIT distributor in 2013.

Our KIT prices start at: $275 for

500 Watt 36 volt Hub KITs and

$550 for 500 Watt 36 volt

Center Drive KITs 

They initiated switching over to

be the USA OEM for advanced

Lithium Battery packs.These are

State of the Art battery packs.

Our Prices start at $275 for

36 Volt 8 amp hr Battery Packs 

This Quadcumbent will feature seating for two, in a very spartan environment, as it is NOT a car, it is a motorcycle, thus it is devoid of common automobile accoutrements, such as arm rests & cup holders. It will have substantial torque & acceleration with good handling for about 150 to 200 miles range on a single charge. More details coming soon!
This is our concept for an ATV Quad component based recumbent two seat enclosed electric vehicle... we call this a Quadcumbent. This vehicle is in the design stage and will be moved to the prototype fabrication stage, as we achieve sales of our e-bikes to support its components, development and fabrication space. Watch for more updates!
This is our 3D CAD Model for our Semi-Recumbent Tadpole Tricycle, we will be selling these e-trikes very soon!  480-516-6487 Call for pricing & other information. Thank you!

This is our concept for a forward prone electric bicycle, styled after the racing motorcycles popular throughout the world, we'll see if this style could be popular with the public.

This is our concept for a reverse tricycle recumbent or "tadpole" with two wheels in front, and a thermoformed plastic removable body, for comfortable use in inclement weather.]

This is a collage of the vehicles of which we intend to develop prototypes & offer for sale.