Design Goal: A more comfortable stable yet effective semi-recumbent bicycle with electric drive assist..  

This is an individual flat CELL

This is a group of CELLs that
go together as a MODULE

At the top (left) of this Module is the
BMS = Battery Monitoring System

The Tesla and other vehicles are powered by as much as thousands of individual cylindrical battery cells. Now our associates are engaged with a company that is producing a flat or "envelope" cell configuration. Several cells are packaged together into a "Module". Each module has its own electronic circuit board, which you can access through a computer, or an iPad or even a smart phone such as a Droid. You will be able to determine the current charge status, to configure the levels of charge (such as 85% max down to 15% minimum; or whatever you prefer) so that you can optimize your battery pack life or optimize range or recharge time...or other parameters. Also, if there ever is a problem, you (or your dealer) can query the "Smart Chip" and determine which cell has a problem and replace just that module. A repair can thereby be accomplish in just a few minutes, as opposed to the situation now, where a pack must be returned to the manufacturer. Also because these modules are under a certain size, they can be shipped by air as regular cargo, not requiring Hazardous Cargo procedures, charges & ground time!!

We are very excited to be involved & engaged with them in this advanced battery development and be able to have these new modules to build into our ERVs!!

Advanced Batteries

Our ERVs are viable...with advanced Batteries

Through my Electric Bicycle associates, from whom we acquired the 200 KITs inventory, we now have their advanced batteries to power our vehicles.   

This is the current stage of development as of April 1st, 2014, Local Motors in Chandler did the Water Jet cut-out of the engine mount plate about March 20th.
We are currently in the process of acquiring the batteries and the controller. Last week we aquired the drive gear and will chain 'er up pretty soon!!

Battery Rack Development: In mid April I was afforded the opportunity to install an electric drive system into a client's Diamondback bicycle, and he wanted a in-the-frame mounted battery. This bicycle frame battery rack project has now given us insight and experience we can apply to the motorcycle in-frame rack.

​We have now acquired 2 used ATV front end suspension sets. One is a single wish bone and the other is a double wish bone. We will shortly be incorporating
these into our 3D CAD model for accurate steering & suspension angles, then we will present screen shots of the 3D model. Stand by for more details soon!!

Our Principle Projects;

Our Goal is to Develop & Market plastic body shell enclosed ERVs... Electric Recreating Vehicles....especially our "Quadcumbent" concept electric vehicle....

Our Motivation is a desire to support wiser utilization of the Earth's resources, foster Environmental, as well as Social & Fiscal Responsibility & Create Jobs!!

Our Mission is to produce & market a more efficient, light weight emphasized, safe, clean, reduced energy demand, FUN vehicle, with a body shell, so it can be a viable commuter vehicle, in "usual" levels of inclement weather, as an adjunct (possible replacement) to heavier traditional automobiles & light trucks.

To reduce energy consumption and recharge EV's faster, requires the electric vehicle to weigh substantially less. Why do we need a 3500 or 4000 lb or more vehicle to drive to work or other errands of one occupant? A TESLA is a Fabulous car; the Best in the World by professional opinions, but it weighs 5,000 lbs!!

A good solution is a lightweight vehicle similar to a "Motorcycle Tricycle" which will be fully able to keep up with traffic, having a tubular chassis with roll cage, side protection beam, with a simple light plastic shell for minimal protection from the sun (shade) and from the weather (rain/snow)...and from the cold (you are inside, out of the uncomfortable wind & chill factor). We may be able to supply a heat pump type A/C-heater unit later, initially we will just develop the vehicle.


This vehicle would be based on motorcycle components, simply because they are more robust and stronger than bicycle parts, which is needed for a comfortable vehicle able to go 35mph & faster to easily keep up with traffic...thus providing a reasonable commute time similar to driving a car, but at a fraction of the cost. This vehicle needs to be aesthetically pleasing, cost under $10K to be affordable, and have good reliability to thus achieve wide public adoption.

To many people Low Cost & Reliability trumps looks, features & high repair rates. That is why the Ford Model T & VW were the most successful cars in history.

This vehicle would be safer than a bicycle or motorcycle because the tubular chassis has 2 roll bars and side impact protection, with the thin plastic shell covering it also affording some physical protection. The chassis will be similar to an ATV but you sit down in it, rather than up on top of it. The tubular chassis
is wider, so it affords side protection to you while seated down in it. For the single seater, the batteries are on both sides, in a narrow row, low to the ground. Thus the center of gravity and roll center are very low, much better than either a motorcycle or an ATV. So, it will be very stable with excellent road handling.

We also like the idea of exercise, so we incorporate pedals in the vehicle with an option of linking pedal movement to speed. Pedal a little, and the battery multiplies your effort, when you tire of pedaling, just twist the hand grip and you can continue zoom along effortlessly. You can exercise in spurts & relax.

The tubular chassis will weight about 100 lbs and the wheels, tires, seat, batteries, controls, & plastic body shell will add up to approximately 350 lbs. 2 people can sit in tandem fashion by adjusting the seat "back" further to the rear....just like a custom cruiser motorcycle. The seat can be made very comfortable, too!!

A 450 lb vehicle & 2 occupants for a total of about 750 lbs needs about 1/7th as many of the highly expensive Lithium batteries, as a 5500 lb occupied Tesla for example, and will be able to go 250 miles on a charge....thus covering many "unusual" days where you have to drive further than your more regular, daily distance needs....or if you want to go for a longer ride for recreating purposes and FUN. A 250 mile range equates to about 4 hours of trip endurance.

We are developing very light weight Electric Recreating Vehicles at The "Ultimate" vehicles we intend to develop are Electric Aircraft.

Our initial enclosed vehicle is a reverse or "Tadpole" semi-recumbent Tricycle. We have the 3D CAD design completed and some of the parts are fabricated.

Mule Project...  A Full Up Electric Motorcycle  in 2017

This is one of a pair of rolling chassis we acquired from an importer in 2010 when they were moving out of a warehouse because of the Great Recession...
These motorcycles were originally equipped with a 250cc single cylinder 4 stroke engine, but no motor had ever been installed in these two chassis.

Now, we are developing an electric drive system for the first one, and we will use that to quantify the performance we can attain with motors & batteries
to extrapolate that data towards producing very good performing production Electric Recreating Vehicles built utilizing motorcycle components...our Goal!!

Product Development

Our Developments Status

We Developed this "Concept Demonstrator" of a LWB (Long Wheel Base) Recumbent Bicycle by rebuilding a SWB (Short WB) Recumbent e-bike. 

The original SWB Recumbent had issues:   

  • It was close coupled (distance between wheels) which contributes to instability.
  • The seating position was high, with feet raised entirely above the front wheel adding instability
  • The weight of the battery pack & controller were above the rear wheel, adding to the instability.

June/2013-August/2013, Redesign & Fabrication

We redesigned the frame of the bicycle inspired by

a much earlier conceptual drawing which I drew at least five years ago, but was held up awaiting the opportunity to bring together all the elements:

  • The availability of appropriate components
  • Advanced Lithium battery chemistry 
  • A starter or donor recumbent bicycle
  • Funding for the project 

These next images show the engine mount, we designed in 3D CAD, then a water jet machine was used to cut it out of 3/16" chrome molybdenum plate.

These next images show the two main frame tubes successfully bent to the 3D CAD model file data, by KZell Metals of Phoenix, AZ. Plus the flat parts.  

Solar Recharged Electric Drive Ultra Light Family Vehicle;

Battery PackBuilding a framework to hold the batteries that comprise the Pack 

We have built aluminum angle frameworks to hold as many as 4 batteries for a 48 volt Pack in a custom bicycle installation as shown below:
We will build on that experience to successfully fabricate a welded steel angle framework to house the larger heavier more powerful motorcycle battery pack.  

Below is my Mitchell Wing U2 KIT, which is destined to be an electric powered, flying wing, glider!

A 5,000 Watt Motor 
in a "mock up" of the
position where it will
optimally be installed.

This is an Enclosed Reverse Tricycle (two steerable wheels in front) Recumbent  This Quad or ATV based 4 wheel vehicle, has the rear wheels inset narrower:
We call this our "Tricumbent" and we were inspired by a Mazda concept vehicle.  We call this our "Quadcumbent" (we were inspired by another Designers work).

3D Design Progress!!

And this my Ultimate Dream BHAG; a cross country Sport Aircraft which I am going to build in the latter half of this decade!!
I call this the Shockwave aircraft...because of the potential impact & advancement of electric drive systems on the aircraft scene. 

Tricycle & Quadricycle;  To be built utilizing Motorcycle Components 

After have gained the experience of successfully building a bicycle components based Tadpole Tricycle, with low seating and a low center of gravity...
Then we intend to build a motorcycle components based stronger, larger, heavier, faster Tadpole Tricycle. And then a 4 wheel "Quadricycle" for the highway.

My "Business Partner" on this project was my friend Dr. Elly Kelly, VM of Defiance, Mo. owner of the I-70 Vet. Hospital.

This is our final configuration of the Tadpole Tricycle ERV1-1...note that the seat support bar now includes a head/neck protection aspect for rider safety.  

My Passion

The above items are our Production Products....which we intend to manufacture and market to earn revenue....

So we can move forward with the below aircraft development, which are my real Passion!!

This is my Avid Flyer, which I initially constructed in 1984 & 85, and which is now suspended from the rafters in our warehouse!! Awaiting electric drive installation.

This is our Vision of a "Quadricycle" (TM) built utilizing new Motorcycle components and having a removable chassis

enclosing "Tub" & "Body Shell" of heat formed Thermoplastic...