This program is in the Developmental Stages at this time.... when the Program Goes LIVE there will be additional content and prices shown here in this text placeholder. 
If you have any questions, or would like to one of the first Associates to Register please call us at 480-516-6487 and ask for Don.

Ball various colors & styles            Coffee various colors           Stickers...of various types in a Set

And  T-Shirts... printed in various "Poignant & Satirical" Images; which you select; in the color & size you want for a good fit & cool look. 

These are the Poignant and Important and sometimes Satirical images for our T-Shirts, Ball Caps, Coffee Mugs & Stickers from which you may select the design of your choice to be imprinted on the Promotional Item of your choice & Register.

This page is about YOU earning CA$H with us.

Why are we doing this?
This is NOT about the money. We are into Alternative Technology and Environmental Responsibility along with Social & Fiscal Responsibility, so we are going to manufacture unique bicycles, sell electric drive conversion Kits for bicycles and are moving steadily towards manufacturing our enclosed electric motorcycles, with our feet forward recumbent three & four wheel lightweight vehicles. Smaller lighter vehicles use less energy and fewer raw materials are required in their production. We are selling our products at discounted prices to get them on the streets and educate the public that we really can have & enjoy viable alternatives to the polluting, CO2 spewing,  particulate exhausting gasoline behemoths we are used to....Plus, you can enjoy more real CA$H in your pockets while helping clean the air & water and transform our communities!! We are simply looking for like minded folks to help us educate our fellow travelers here on Spaceship Earth. We believe this planet is "our" Garden of Eden, and we must utilize the resources without wantonly& uncaringly damaging the environment around our facilities & mines. We also need to pay respect our fellow travelers, (all the beautiful animals, birds, fish and millions of species living on this Earth with us) we ARE an interdependent species....We are ALL interdependently connected to the various life forms on this planet, in ways that our scientists do not yet understand. We are also all still evolving simultaneously now & ongoingly into the future. Evolution has not culminated with the advent of the human animal; there is still evolution of all species going onward into the future, your future..

How do YOU make Money with us...specifically?

We are going to initiate a Referral Enrollment program that will pay you cash rewards when you refer a person and they buy products from us. Even small ticket items. This is not about you "Selling" anything.... No Selling.....Let's repeat that and emphasize that, because it is will NOT be "Selling" anything, not at all!! This is simply a "reward for referrals" when the person you referred buys something from us. "Hey Sue, I found this cool webiste that sells alternative vehicles!!"

You can Register with us when you make any purchase.Then when someone whom you recommended to our website (or calls us or writes to us); next makes a purchase ...and identifies you as the person who referred them to us....then you will get paid a flat amount or a percentage based on what they purchased. (Note on our Order Form tab there is a place for you to Register and for a new visitor to identify our Associate who referred them). And here's the best part: When the person you introduced makes an introduction, you will also get a flat fee or percentage based on that third, fourth or fifth level person who is Registered after you. And there are NO Contracts, no minimum purchases, no monthly requirements, nothing underhanded nor exploitive. The amount we pay will be set by us and may change at any time. Why? Because our costs and discounts will likely change over time. Also we may not continue this program indefinitely....if it works well, we will continue to employ it, but if it does not help develop more proliferation of alternative vehicles going out the door & getting used on the street, then we will stop doing it! 

What are the "Promotional Introductory Items" that qualify You to be a Registered Associate of ours?